Randy OUCH !!!

We made it all four of us, what a feat!!! Sore Feet !!! It was a toughie that's for sure from Saturday 7am till Sunday 11.45am we did it in 28 hours & 44 mins!Ã?  Amazing!Ã?  Thanks to our support team, John & Howard who were there every step of the way with bowls of water, massage oil, food & drinks and fresh socks and to Stuart & Jane who helped our support & were ther for us at the first check point.Ã?  And thanks to all our friends & family for all your text messages & calls that really got us through it.Ã?  There were some tough times but you all helped.Ã?  Thanks too to Emma, another Brit, who joined us through the night & walked with us to the bitter end!Ã?  It was an amazing walk!!Ã? Ã?  Looking forward to our next adventure!!!!!!................or maybe not!Ã? Ã? Ã? Ã? Ã? Ã?  Stay randy

Randy C xx

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