NOT randy just nervous!

I can't remember when I was last this NERVOUS.Ã?  My heels (Ã?  inside the balls of my heels)Ã? are kiliing me and I haven't even starting walking yet!! I think it was walking along the Norfolk coast , last week, that did them in.Ã?  Through the wind , rain, Norfolk coastal bogs, boardwalks, sand & shingle beaches...... what did I expect? Oh well we can only do our best on the day and with all you guys out there rooting for us, and praying I hope, and our fab support team together with the Randy SpiritÃ?  and a few applications of deep heat and gel packs, we should make it through !! So all I can say now is roll on Sunday afternoon.......................................

Thanks again everyone for all your donations andÃ?  words of encouragementÃ?  it really helpsÃ? us Ã? justify the pain !!!

Cheers and stay randy !

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