Op zaterdag 29 en zondag 30 augustus 2015 nemen wij deel aan de Oxfam Trailwalker! In het prachtige decor van de Hoge Venen zullen wij samen 100 km wandelen ten voordele van Oxfam- Solidariteit. Wij bereiden ons momenteel niet alleen voor op sportief vlak, maar verzamelen ook minstens 1500 Euro in voor Oxfam-Solidariteit.

Sponsor onze wandeltocht en help armoede en onrechtvaardigheid de wereld uit!

U kan deelnemen aan een van onze activiteiten of een bedrag storten via de schenkknop. Voor giften vanaf € 40 krijgt u een fiscaal attest toegestuurd. Dank u wel!

Team training schema: 
400 kilometer in 200 dagen

Laatste activiteiten

10 sep
€ 30,00 
Gavin Macpherson
02 sep
We made it all four of us, what a feat!!! Sore Feet !!! It was a toughie that's for sure from Saturday 7am till Sunday 11.45am we did it in 28 hours & 44 mins!Ã?  Amazing!Ã?  Thanks to our...
01 sep
€ 50,00 
Justine Thurlow

Well done you guys....sorry it took me so long to do this, memory loss, a symptom of old(er) age!

30 aug
€ 20,00 
Amanda Mahaffey

You have probably set off by now, so, GOOD LUCK!!

29 aug
€ 10,00 
Christina Evans

Hey guys, just wanted to wish you lots of luck!  I know this is a bit late, but that's the story of my life.  I'll be thinking of you this weekend, you'll be fab and hope your feet hold up!  WELL DONE!Lots of loveChristina

28 aug
I can't remember when I was last this NERVOUS.Ã?  My heels (Ã?  inside the balls of my heels)Ã? are kiliing me and I haven't even starting walking yet!! I think it was walking along the Norfolk coast...
27 aug
€ 50,00 
27 aug
Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!Ã?  Only 2 days to go and we are all panicking! Just had the last meeting with the team and support crew and there is still a lot to do. We've trained as much as we can but now we...
27 aug
€ 210,00 

Granny and Gramps wish us all the best from sunny Norfolk. All the Tailors in Orpington think we're mad! Julia returning from Shanghai says "Good for us!". Shaz from Oz says,"Good on ya cobber!", Sue says "U R ALL NUTS !"

27 aug
€ 25,00 
Niki Schafer

Good luck Randy Ramblers. Try not to get too frisky out there on the fens. I will be thinking about you from the comfort of my sofa.
Niki, Rich, Genna,Finn & Bumpx