27 aug
€ 133,00 
Luke Trailwalker

Thanks to our colleagues in Erembodegem for buying our delicious Vita-Plus breads!

16 jul
€ 161,00 
Luke Trailwalker

Thankful & proud!
Colleagues, families & friends have pushed us past the minimum of €1.500 !!!

15 jul
€ 35,00 
Paul Mustoe
14 jul
€ 96,00 
Luke Trailwalker

Even in this holiday period, our colleagues are there to support us!
Thanks to Rémi who mistakenly ordered 56 breads from the bakers to sell today ... they were all gone in a jiffy!
We are all out of milk and dark chocolate as well!

13 jul
€ 110,00 

Thanks to all of you: bread lovers, chocolate lovers and ice cream lovers !

We are getting closer thanks to your lovely generous greediness !

08 jul
€ 250,00 
Stefanie Van Den Branden

Thanks to our Puratos colleagues who love our Belcolade chocolate, Vita plus bread, muffins and ice creams!!! Great!!

03 jul
€ 100,00 
Jennifer Pagand

Tuesday's bread sales! You can't get bored of Vita-Plus!!

03 jul
€ 150,00 
Joost Smekens

Thanks to Ghent University and friends/family of Joost!!!

02 jul
€ 10,00 
Guido D'hondt
27 jun
€ 40,00 
vicky huybrechts