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As  you can see on this page we have not raised the minimal amount of 1500 EUR, yet. So once again we count on YOUR HELP!

This is why we are throwing a ladies' thrift shop party on Wednesday 24th (19h-22h) in Schuman (Rue Saint-Quentin 3, 2nd floor)!

Come and get amazing new or vintage clothes.
Even if you've only got 20 dollars in your pocket, in your neighbours' grandma's clothes, you'll look incredible! ;-)

Small items will be sold 5 EUR, big items 10 EUR.

If 2 persons or more want the same item, they will have to make a bid.

Cakes will also be sold, 2 EUR per slice - for those of you who will get hungry while trying on all the clothes /or will need to gain some weight to better fit them!

If you want to bring clothes or accessories that you don't use anymore, we can sell them as well. Please bring them on the day. The money will go to a good cause! All the remaining items will go to Oxfam's real thrift shops. So come and get them before they are bought by Lady Gaga!


Big thanks to Anna and Grace for coming up with the idea, setting the plan into motion and donnating stuff!



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