slow banks

there is a sum of money waiting to be credited to our team from the following people and i want to say thanks to them before the big day arrives.

thanks to antwerp british school EAGLES for the 100 euros. dont worry guys, i will wear my red t shirt and war paint on the day for you allÃ? 

thanks to team member ali who raised 64 pounds, so about 90 euros which she gave me a cheque for - cheers sis and we'll see you here this time next week *gulp* DONT FORGET MY LUCOZADE PLEASE!!!!

thanks to our brother peter who stumped up 50 squids, cheers for that bruv.

thanks to ali, pete, cha and sophs lovely muvva back in blighty - val simmons for her donation. weÃ?  are so proud of you after last year mum. xxx

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