et voila

its finished!

a brief run down of the final event for you. well we turned up with a fantastic support team, my husband paul, jokes parents rudy and leen, friends and colleagues rosie and ilse, and later by emmas pal jorge. tents went up then we tucked into a barbeque before having an early night.

hardly any of us slept, and up we got and began the walk. cp 1 - no support team due to shopping problems (long story), then water point, cp2 went perfectly, then there was a bit of a dissapointment as at the next water point there was no blinkin water and yet we had been walking in 27degrees heat - that was pretty annoying. we wasted 30 minutes waiting there for it to turn up and it didnt so went on, but wereÃ? dehydrated. Ã?  aaaanyway, we had to get to cp3 by 6:30 (the important one before the bog) but due to the water delay, only turned up with 20 minutes to spare. not enough for us to eat, drink, get foot rubs, change plasters, go to the toilet and so on. this is where soph threw a massive hissy fit and i apologise to all who recieved the brunt of my tantrum

aanyway, we moved on and got to the bog (after a log incident, again long story) where soph then ended up waste deep in it. wet and cold i decided to give up. my sister ali did the same as she had awful blisters and hip and ankle pain, and joke dropped out too due to blisters.

so that leaves emma! miss monro did us all SO PROUD by keeping going. she finished with about 1 and a half hours to go, and only one blister to speak of! she got her medal and gave the team brits salute (whilst flying low ahem!) and then was taken home by our supporters.

a truly FANTASTIC time - we loved it. thanks to oxfam for arranging this event, to all our support team, to friends at home AND on the walk (Randy Ramblers!) and of course all our sponsorers.

xxxthe britsxxx

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