02 sep
€ 12,30 
Lisa Cater

Thanks Tejal!

30 aoû
€ 28,00 
Rosemarie Cater

You are doing a wonderful thing raising money for Oxfam.  LOL Mum, Rosemarie xx

29 aoû
€ 15,00 
r Rowell

Thanks Andrew!

27 aoû
€ 15,00 
Becky Rowell

Thanks Linda!

08 aoû
€ 25,00 
Lisa Cater
07 aoû
€ 20,00 
Sarah Hollinsworth

Good Luck!!

31 juil
€ 20,00 
Robert Reeve
30 juil
€ 50,00 
Alex McTavish

Have fun!

29 juil
€ 25,00 
Lisa Cater
29 juil
€ 20,00 
Catherine Dijkstra

Hi Becks and Friends,

Just returned from a fine holiday and saw your email. Think it's great you are going to walk such a distance in the Belgium country! You should have chosen Holland, less hills. Hope the training is working out for you. Let me know where you are going to be exactly in the Ardennes so I might be able to come and see you. Would be great.

loads of love