Discover the new roadmap for Oxfam Trailwalker 2023 !

We are pleased to present the roadmap of this 16th edition of Oxfam Trailwalker in Saint-Hubert!

Content of the roadmap  

In this year's roadmap, you will find on the front side the 100 km route and on the back side the 25 km route with the different checkpoints (Checkpoint CP and Waterpoint WP). The program of the event is also displayed on the map, which will allow you to already organize with your team. Finally, all the information about the supporters, the safety of the walkers and the waste management are also included. In addition to this practical information, you will find words of encouragement from our chief excecutive Eva Smets, as well as from the Mayor of Sports of the city of Saint-Hubert, and an infographic of the actions of Oxfam Belgium.

Link to download

You can view and download the roadmap by clicking on the link below. Also note that you will receive the roadmap in hard copy in your team captain's mailbox in the next few weeks.

More information on the route coming soon!

More information about the route will be coming soon in the next few weeks via newsletters, the website and the team letter (which your captain will receive in his mailbox).