All practical information for the 100 km

The Oxfam Trailwalker 2023 event is coming soon, we can't wait to see you in Saint-Hubert! In this section, you will find all the practical information you need before you leave!

The pre-registration form, the registration and the compulsory tool kit


Registration area

Your team must register at the military airfield of Saint-Hubert, the nerve center of this edition. (not to be confused with the civilian airfield of Saint-Hubert which is checkpoint number 7). We mark the way to the military airfield with yellow arrows, follow them to not get lost!

What you will receive upon registration

Upon registration, you will receive your welcome pack which contains Your bibs with your Pasta Party and BBQ ticket Wristbands with the emergency number Two extra roadmaps Your ticket for the solidarity aperitif pack The parking card for the supporters The registration form for the supporters who accompany you on the last section A great gift in the colors of Oxfam

Date and time of registration

You have the opportunity to register at two times: Thursday, May 18th between 4pm and 10pm. You are invited to participate in the apéro solidaire at this time, we will offer an apéro basket to each team to share. Friday, May 19th between 5:30 and 7 am/ between 9 am and 12 pm. There will be coffee and tea for the participants. Please note: the registration of your team must be done in the presence of all members. No exceptions will be made, an ID card is not enough.

The pre-registration form

Please help us to prepare your welcome at the 16th Oxfam Trailwalker by answering a few questions about walkers and supporters by May 10, 2023 at the latest. Please note that only one person per team should fill in the form.
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The compulsory tool kit 

Mandatory equipment per person:

A safety vest (yellow or fluorescent orange with reflective strips) A headlamp with a set of spare batteries for the night walk. A water reserve of at least 1.5L: to be filled at each checkpoint or waterpoint. A food reserve of your choice: cereal bars, dry fruits... Your identity card A survival blanket

Compulsory equipment per team:

The mobile phone numbers of your supporters At least three charged cell phones with spare batteries or chargers if possible. A first aid kit A whistle The roadmap The GPS beacon (which will be given to you just before the start)

More info here!

You also have at your disposal a document on our website in the section "teams" which gathers all our advice to prepare yourself for the walk. You will find in particular the type of equipment and diet that we recommend.
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The 2023 route and food supplies

The Oxfam Trailwalker route for the 100km

Download the AllTrails route

Click on the link below to access the 100 km course on the AllTrails website. The GPX of the course is also attached. You can download it and read it on your smartphone via an application. Here are the ones we recommend: OsmAND for Android and GPX Viewer for iPhones.
Parcours AllTrails

The checkpoints and waterpoints

At each checkpoint, you will find : A refreshment area with hot and cold drinks and snacks A water point to fill your water bottles or camelbags Toilets A space for the rescue Beds to rest on the 6CP and 9CP (don't forget to bring your sleeping bag) Masseurs on the 5CP and at the finish line Parking space for your supporters Reminder : you must always have your number scanned individually at the exit of each checkpoint. There will also be 3 waterpoints (WP) during the 100km course where you will find a more reduced service. You will have at your disposal: snacks with cold drinks (soft and juice), toilets and a water point. Please note : There is no parking for the supporters on the waterpoints, they will meet you later at the checkpoints and at the finish point!

Meals and refreshments offered during the event

Here is the meal program for this 16th edition of Oxfam Trailwalker : On Friday, May 19, starting at 5:30 pm, at the military airfield, we will propose a pasta meal (three possible choices: pesto, provençale and mushrooms). Pasta will be offered to walkers and proposed at 8€ to supporters. On Saturday, May 20th, from 9am, the closing barbecue will start. This meal will be offered to the walkers and proposed at the democratic price of 9€ for the VG option and 10€ for the meat option to the supporters. Snacks will be available at all checkpoints and waterpoints. The composition of the snacks will vary at each checkpoint according to the opening hours. You will have more details about the type of snacks in the program in the roadmap. The distribution is individualized and done by the volunteers, please bring your own lunch box or reusable container to avoid using single-use containers! To give you a general idea of the different snacks offered, you will find among others: tea, coffee or soup, softs or juice from Oxfam Fair Trade, fresh fruits (bananas, apples, kiwi...) and dried fruits (nuts, apricots and dried mangoes...), salty snacks (crackers, chips...) and sweet snacks (brioche, chocolate, cereal bars...) There will be something for everyone!

Roadmap 2023

In this year's roadmap, you will find on the front side of the 100 km course the different checkpoints (Checkpoint CP and Waterpoint WP). The program of the event is also displayed on the map, which will allow you to already organize your team. Finally, all the information concerning the supporters, the security of the walkers and the waste management are also included. In addition to this practical information, you will find words of encouragement from our general manager Eva Smets, from the Mayor of Sports of the city of Saint-Hubert, as well as an infographic of the actions of Oxfam Belgium.
Download the roadmap

Safety information and your supporters

Info for the walkers : safety

Safety rules during Oxfam Trailwalker

In case of serious injury or problem, this is the emergency number that you can call : +32 473 70 19 59. You will receive a bracelet at registration with this number. Please never call 112! As the phone coverage is not optimal on the whole course, you might have difficulties to reach this number. In this case, a member of the team will travel to find the network. Never leave a walker alone! If you cannot find a signal, you can press the SOS button on your GPS tracker for 3 seconds. The protocol for using the emergency button will be given to you in the welcome pack when you register with your teams . We ask you to follow our safety procedure before using this SOS button in order not to endanger the rescue system in place. Please note that the presence of the rescue team is assured at all checkpoints, as well as at departure and arrival.

Material provided by the organization

Before the walk, the organization will give you a GPS beacon and a map to the parking areas provided near each checkpoint that you will give to your supporters to join you at the checkpoints. The GeoDynamics™ GPS beacon will be activated just before the start. This location mode will allow your supporters to track your progress during the walk. In case of a problem, you will be able to press the SOS button on the beacon for three seconds so that the organization is notified and can locate you and come to your aid. Don't forget to return the beacon at the end of the walk! During the whole walk, we will provide you with water points where you can fill your water bottles at the different checkpoints, this will avoid you to bring back water bottles in reserve.

Fluorescent vest and rules of the 3 walkers

For the safety of the walkers, it is mandatory to wear a fluorescent vest and a headlamp during the night walk. No departure will be allowed without this equipment. During the walk, at least 3 people must always walk together. In case 2 or 3 people from a team drop out, the remaining walker(s) must merge with another team. To do so, the participants who wish to stop the walk must notify the volunteers in charge of the check-out of their abandonment, the walkers of this same team who continue the walk must join another team before leaving. Be careful not to leave the GPS tracker with the person who abandons and make sure to return it at the finish line.

Information for the supporters

The role of your supporters 

We provide snacks and drinks for the walkers along the route. The supporters will be responsible for providing lunch for the team on Friday and also provide clean and dry clothes, possibly another pair of shoes or socks, and charged cell phone batteries. Most of all, they provide moral support when you need it! Supporters are not allowed to walk on the course with their team, except on the last section, between 9CP Saint-Hubert and the Finish (7,2 km in total). No shuttle will be provided by Oxfam, so please organize accordingly. For insurance reasons about personal injuries, a registration form will be given to you at registration. It will have to be filled out and handed in at the checkout of the 9CP (Saint Hubert) where the supporters will have to come with you to walk the 7,2 km. A bracelet with the emergency number will be given to them before they can start.

The access to the checkpoints for the supporters 

Each team will receive a single parking authorization for the designated areas near the checkpoints. Please be advised that, without this document behind the windshield, cars will not be allowed in the CP parking areas. This permit may be transferred to another team vehicle. Vehicles larger than 2 meters x 5.5 meters are not allowed in the CP parking areas, except on the military airfield. During the event, cars must follow a compulsory route to access the airfield and the parking areas on the runway. The exit is always through the Monastery Street. The military base will be open at all times. The airfield will remain accessible during the day and the night. The exit is always via Rue du Monastère. Be careful and watch for walkers and crossing vehicles. Reminder : Supporters are not allowed to go on the on the waterpoints (1WP Sapin Fi, 6WP Le Golet, 8WP Monument du Roi Albert) even by foot.