Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about fundraising, registration or other things? You can find a lot of answers to frequently asked questions on this page. You don't find what you're looking for ? Take contact with us and we'll help you the best we can.

General questions

Are there terms of participation for Oxfam Trailwalker

Yes, you can find it by following this link. Take the time to read it carefully, as it gives most of the information you need.
Terms of participation

In which instances does the insurance of Oxfam Trailwalker come into play?

The organiser's insurance only comes into play if an accident report has been made in good time. Bodily injury means a sudden event that results in bodily harm and whose cause or one of the causes is external to the victim. In the event of an accident or injury, it is recommended that an accident report be made within 48 hours (if necessary as a precaution). Forms are available at the event secretariat and at the headquarters in Brussels.

Can we form a team of 2, 3 or 5 people for the 100km?

Sorry, all teams for the 100km need to have four walkers. This is for your own health and safety on the challenge. You can form a team from 2 to 8 people for the 25km.

Can anybody take part in Oxfam Trailwalker

With the right training and preparation 100km is achievable for most people. Whatever distance you take on you will need to dedicate time to train, especially as a team. Most teams will plan long weekend walks alongside some shorter evening sessions. It’s important that you practise on different terrain too, so you may need to factor in some travel time.


What does the 31€ registration fee cover?

This amount covers part of the costs of organisation, logistics and medical assistance. Oxfam Trailwalker insures all participants for personal injury on the route and will provide food and drink during the walk and camping facilities. We cannot issue a tax certificate for the registration fee.

How old do I need to be?

The minimum age for Trailwalker participants is 18 on the day of the event.


Will I have enough time to train?

Training is often about quality not quantity – you just need to be organised and plan your training walks in advance. The more you can train with your team the better. Be creative : you can plan training sessions, of course, but you can also try to walk more than usual. Go to work by foot for example.


Is the fundraising part mandatory?

Yes. The minimum fundraising target is 1.750 € (100km) or 1.000 € (25km) per team. This amount must be visible on your team fundraising page the Thursday before the weekend of the event. Teams that fail to do so may be unable to start the event without the prior approval of the event organisers, in accordance with our terms and conditions.
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Where does the money goes?

At Oxfam Belgique/België, we believe all lives are equal and no-one should live in poverty. We believe that in a wealthy world, poverty is unjustifiable and preventable, that the present state of inequality and injustice must be challenged, and that with the right help, people can change their lives for the better. That’s why we are part of a global movement of people working together to eliminate poverty by tackling inequality. Working with partners, allies, communities and our supporters, we are changing the world for the better at every level, at scale, here and now, and for the long term. The money you raise will help us to reach those objectives.
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What are the condition to receive a tax certificate?

First you must live and pay your taxes in Belgium. All the people that made a donation of min. 40 € on your donation pagina are elligible to receive a tax certificate.


Do we really need a support crew?

Yes. Your support crew are a vital part of your team, and must consist of at least 2 people. Their role is to meet you at each checkpoint along the route. They will provide you with additional food, replenish you water supply, top up your snacks and most of all, motivate and encourage you to keep going and reach the finish line. They will also carry your extra kit like wet weather gear and warm clothing for the night sections.

Can our support crew follow us along the route?

No, the support crew can't walk with you. They meet with you at the checkpoints and at the start/finish line. Please note that there are rules that must be followed by the support crew regarding access to the checkpoints. Those will be given to you a few weeks before the start of the event.

How many people can join the support crew?

At least 2 people. The more the merier! But take note that the access is restricted to one car per team on the checkpoints.

What kind of vehicle can the support crew use?

You'll have one 'checkpoint pass' per team. It can be transferred from one vehicle to another. Please note that large vehicles (more than 2x5,5m) are not allowed on most of the checkpoints. Mobilhome for example can only access the main parking at the military airport, and not the other checkpoints.


Can anybody be volunteer?

Everyone older than 18 years can become a volunteer. Younger people must be accompanied at all time by an adult responsible for them.

How can I become a volunteer?

Just fill up the form available on our website.
Volunteer registration


Is there a transport to the site for the volunteers?

If you don't come with your own car, there's a shuttle between the nearest train station and the site of the event. We reimburse the train tickets.

Is there accomodation available?

You can camp at your location for the duration of the event. We provide toilets and showers, as well as all meals. You also have access to electricity (for example to charge your phone). Please note that we do everything to provide the best possible conditions, but it still is camping so you need to bring your own material (tent, sleeping bag,...)

Are the meals included?

Yes, we will provide meals and drink for the all duration of your volunteering.

What do I need to bring?

If you camp, don't forget your camping material. Please note that all things prohibited by the law are of course prohibited during the whole event (drugs, weapons...). We will call the police in case of infraction. If you need special equipment for your volunteering mission, you'll be informed beforehand.

The event

Before the event

What if someone leaves the team before the event?

You can complete your team with someone else, by following the registration procedure. Please note that only full teams of 4 are allowed to take the start.

How do I arrive at Oxfam Trailwalker?

The event start at the ""Aérodrome militaire de Saint-Hubert"" : rue du Monastère, 6870 Saint-Hubert. Be sure not to mistake it for the civil airbase. With the train, go to the Rochefort-Jemelle station. Shuttles are organized from/to this station and the Aérodrome Militaire.

During the event

As a team, do we have to plan our own food and drinks?

We provide water, warm drinks and snacks at the checkpoints. A warm meal (pasta) is also provided at one of the last checkpoint (TBC). Your support crew is responsible for all the other requirements.

Do we have to stay together at all time?

Yes, Oxfam Trailwalker is a team challenge. Even if you can split during the walk, you must in all cases arrive together at each checkpoint and at the finish.

Can I sleep during the event?

This is not recommended. Experience has taught us that people who stop to sleep, usually don't manage to get up again to complete the event. But if you want to come on Friday and sleep on the site, it is allowed.

If someone drops out, can we continue? (100km)

Teams of three can continue. Teams of just two or less members must find another team to formally accept responsibility for them for the remainder of the course. The checkpoint co-ordinator must be notified and approve this.