When training for Oxfam Trailwalker

To maintain energy levels during your training sessions, you will need a variety of foods.
Carbohydrates and proteins are important when training.
You can find carbohydrates in pasta, rice, potatoes and bread.
Lentils, legumes and other proteins will feed your muscles and maintain your strength.
During long walks, plan on eating foods that contain carbohydrates.
Dried fruit and energy bars will meet your body’s needs.
In Oxfam Worldshops, you can find a good selection of these items:

During Oxfam Trailwalker

Starting two days before Oxfam Trailwalker eat meals that are rich in carbohydrates.
During the event try to eat 15 gram portions of carbohydrates every 30 minutes.
These can be found in raisins, other dried fruit, energy bars, energy gels and energy sports drinks.

After Oxfam Trailwalker

After the event, it is important to eat foods that will help your body recover.
You should eat carbohydrates, proteins, antioxydants and minerals – all in the 20 minutes after the end of the walk.
These are easy to find, e.g. in liquid meals like protein shakes, yoghurts, dried fruit, bread, chicken, tuna or low fat cheese.