Before subscribing, please read the Participation rules and the code of conduct for the team's pages.

Subscribe your team for Oxfam Trailwalker 2020

What do you need? What is the registration procedure ?

Here are the different steps:

1.  Team

  • Come up with an original name for your team and register.
  • Enter the names (first names & family names) of all 4 team members as well as their mobilephone numbers and their email addresses. 
    Decide which team member will be the teamleader - s.he is the only one how may change the content of your personal teampage.
    You need as well at least 2 supporters - fill in their name, family names and mobile-phone numbers in the registration form.
  • Tell us how you heard of Oxfam Trailwalker.
  • Read the Participation Rules carefully.

2.  Team Contact

Communication between Oxfam Trailwalker team and the trailers will mainly be via the team captain. 
However, we will always email important information to all team members.
The mobile phone numbers will be needed during the event itself to ract in any case of emergency.
The numbers will be checked before taking the start of the event.

3.  Registration payment methods

The registration fees (4 x 31 euros) can be paid using the following methods : VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, Dexia or KBC online banking, (= all online bank transfers).

4. Confirmation

The data for the bank transfer appears on your screen. You can check that all is in order.

5. Payment

If the payment has been carried out successfully you will receive an information letter by email from us.
Fundraising sums are not connected to the registration fees. Registration fees will not generate a tax receipt.   

You will find all of the information relating to the tax receipt here.