Tax receipt

All donations of 40 euros or more to Oxfam-Solidarity per calendar year are eligible for a tax receipt. With this receipt you can recuperate 45% of your donation through your tax return.


  • The tax receipt will be assigned to the person that made the donation (bank transfer). Therefore, ask your donors to deposit their donation directly on the account of Oxfam-Solidarity. Otherwise they will not receive a tax receipt. This is a legal obligation, exceptions are not allowed.
  • The tax receipt will be sent by mail in the month of March of the following year.
  • Restriction: the tax receipt is only valid for donations that do not result from the sale of products, entrance fees, etc.
  • The tax receipt is only valid in Belgium.
  • A tax receipt can be issued to companies as well as individuals.


You donate 50 euros in 2017 to team X -> you receive a tax receipt for your donation in March 2018 -> through your tax return you will recuperate 20 euros.

In other words:  a donation of 50 euros will only cost you 30 euros, thanks to the tax department who sponsors 45% of your donation. Don’t forget to mention this to you donors, as it will convince them to donate a little more.

Tax receipt for international teams