Time to party!

  • Organise a party (with a theme) and sell entry tickets and drinks tickets. Ask your municipality, your employer or your sports club if you can use a venue for free. 
  • Organise a barbecue or a meal (spaghetti, fondue...);
  • Organise a game night:  table games, card games, poker... with prizes for the winners;
  • Sell homemade cakes and pastries (at the market, to colleagues and neighbours...);
  • Organise a concert (with musician friends or local musicians);
  • Organise a wine or beer tasting event;
  • In partnership with an Oxfam Magasin du Monde, organise an Oxfam breakfast;
  • Get your colleagues involved by preparing them a breakfast (croissant, coffee...) or supper  (hot-dog, couscous...) at work;
  • Pluck up your courage and sell croque-monsieurs, waffles, ice cream, etc. wherever there are lots of people: at the market, sports events, brocantes...