Nutritional advices

On a piece of the 100km of Oxfam Trailwalker, Oxfam Energywalker is new purifiying and well-being oriented walk of 25 km. In teams of 2 to 8 people, participants will have 8 hours to achieve the 25 km. If you want to go further in this healthy approach, here is a 7 days coaching developed by Philippe Brodahl, nutritionist.

Note that this is not about fasting : we only would like you to "purify" yoursleves : the desire effect is lightness and purification. We want to free yourselfe from daily addictions. The challenge is therefore harmless for your health.

Nutritional advices :

  • From D-7 to D-Day : we suggest that you stop drinking alcohol, cofee and thee. Why don't you switch it by tisanes, juices (without added sugar) and/or vegetables? We also suggest you to stop/diminish bread, sugar, biscuits, chocolate and melk. Instead of that, you should eat rice crackers, spelled patties, almond melk,... Switch your morning jam sandwich with coffee by granola with vegetal melk (rice, almond, coconut), juices, tisanes. Try to increase your fruits and vegetable consomption and try to choose them local and fairtrade as much as possible.
  • D-1 : Eat light ! Especially the evening. Avoid melk and animal proteins.
  • The morning before the walk : eat a bowl of muesli with dry and fresh fruits and drink juices.
  • During the walk (and during your trainings) : think to drink enough water. You can add a few non filtered apple juice in it with a pinch a salt.
  • At the end : a light a vegetarian meal (lentils salad, bulgur, i.e.) will be served.

Try to avoid alcohol during the whole week.