What do I finance with my donation?

Plants - 16 euros

For 16 euros you can help a local organization of Congolese farmers to cultivate plants to counteract soil erosion of fertile ground. This way farmers and their families can continue to invest in their future.

Babykit - 17 euros

During a natural disaster babies are more vulnerable than ever. This kit contains the most essential tools to take care for them and protect them against disease: a mat, a bathtub, a towel, a spoon, baby soap, etc. 

Megaphone - 50 euros

In Laos our local partners equip communities with a megaphone. This gives villagers the possibility to get to safety in due time in case of natural disasters.

First aid kit - 65 euros

Thanks to the first aid kit that local organisations distribute among communities in Laos the local relief workers have immediate access to essential medication and nursing equipment to aid the victims of natural disasters.

Radio kit and megaphone - 100 euros

Thanks to the radio kits and megaphone that local organisations distribute to communities in Central America and the Caribbean, the population is always informed of impending natural disasters through news reports from the weather station.

Distribution point of clean water - 255 euros

When a typhoon destroys a region inhabitants will sometimes be left without water. Oxfam and its partners install new distribution points of water and look after the quality of the water..

Response kit to natural disasters - 430 euros

In El Salvador local organisations equip rescue teams with boots, helmets, flashlights, fluorescent vests and megaphones. This way they can save people who are in danger during natural disasters.

Irrigation – 1500 euros 

Local organizations provide support to women farmers in Mali to irrigate their fields. That delivers more and better harvest, and therefore more food for farmers and their families. With 1.500 euro they can, despite persistent drought, irrigate one hectare of field.