Tax receipt (for Belgium)

The tax receipt, which allows for a tax reduction on donations, must satisfy a number of legal conditions:

  • Donations must be sent by the donor, from his/her own account directly to the Oxfam-Solidarité asbl account, BE37 0000 0000 2828 (BIC : BPOTBEB1), with the reference: « 6109 TEAM teamnumber ».
  • This applies to bank transactions via the team page on the Oxfam Trailwalker website as well as to traditional bank transfers, and home or internet banking transfers.
  • A tax receipt will be issued, when the sum of all donations made to Oxfam throughout the same year are equal to or over 40 €.
    We submit the tax receipt electronically to the tax authorities so it will appear automatically on your Tax-on-web form
    The tax receipt allows for a 45% tax reduction on the total value of all donations of the previous year.
    The tax receipt is also sent to the donor in March of the following year.
  • The beneficiary of the tax receipt is the person linked to the donor’s bank account and cannot be changed afterwards.

Companies, subject to corporation tax, are also entitled to a tax reduction for donations.
The procedure is similar.