Participation Rules

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The challenge

Oxfam Trailwalker is a physical and mental challenge organized by Oxfam-Solidarité asbl, rue des Quatre-Vents 60, 1080 Brussels.

Teams are made of 4 people that travel a distance of 100 km (without relay) in less than 30 hours and after having raised at least € 1500 funds that profits Oxfam-Solidarité’s projects.

This settlement aims to ensure the members, protect the nature and the monuments, contribute to the good course of the event and to maintain a relaxed atmosphere where solidarity and fair play have a central place.


1.    Registration of a team is made online. The registration is valid after having this settlement signed for approval and after the payment of the registration fees of € 60 per person. This amount covers a part of organizational and logistic costs (including snacks and beverages on check-points), medical supervision, and physical injuries insurance during the walk.
2.    The team leader receives a notification of his registration as soon as it is approved by the organization.
3.    Each walker must be 18 years old at least to start Oxfam Trailwalker.
4.    Those who participate the same year at Oxfam Trailwalker see their registration fees for the event reduced of € 25.
5.    Requested personal data that are needed to participate in Oxfam Trailwalker will be used only to this matter.
6.    The teams allow Oxfam-Solidarité to use pictures and movies taken during Oxfam Trailwalker for its internal and external communications.
7.    Oxfam Trailwalker insurance covers only ‘physical accident’, which means : an incident that causes a bodily injury and whose origin(s) are external to the victim. An accident report must be filled within 48 hours ; forms are available at the event and at Brussels’s headquarters.

Getting ready

8.    The organization assumes that each participant is well known of the risks inherent of a 100 kilometers walk and is well-trained for it. It is its responsibility to estimate whether she/he can participate to Oxfam Trailwalker.
9.    Each team must have a supporter team in which one contact must be chosen and communicated.
10.    During the weeks preceding the walk, participants and supporters are informed of mandatory/recommended gears to bring on (first aid kit, clothes, communication means). The organization will check their presence during the registration of the teams.
11.    Each fundraising activity must follow Oxfam-Solidarité ethical criteria. It is forbidden to use the participation to the event to commercial ends (wearing sponsors is allowed).
12.    Besides, the team-page on Oxfam Trailwalker website must follow the code of conduct. It can be sanctioned if necessary.
13.    The gifts supporting the teams must be transferred on the bank account BE37 0000 0000 2828 - BPOTBEB1 of Oxfam-Solidarité, preferably online through the team-page. A tax exemption can only be provided when a donor transfers its donation (of a minimum of 40 euros per year, as dictated by the Belgian state) directly to Oxfam Solidarité account.

Registering for the start

14.    The four walkers of each team must be present to register themselves before the start ; as well as on the starting line.
15.    Only teams that have raised the minimum amount of € 1500 for Oxfam-Solidarité profits are allowed to start Oxfam Peacewalker.
16.    Any change in the team composition must be referred at least 5 open days before the starting day. All changes requested after this date will be considered as new registering therefore costing € 60 (valid reason excepted).
17.    If a team unsubscribe or does not show itself at the starting line, none of the registration fees nor the raised funds will be reimbursed. A postpone of registration fees and fundraised to the next year edition can be examined through a reasoned request (in case of major force or medical reason).

Make yourself happy

The organization, stewards, emergency services take – within a limited scale and under specific conditions – all the necessary measures to assure participant’s security.

Participants who do not approve these conditions will not be able to claim the responsibility nor the insurance of the organization. The organization reserves its right to ban participants -- or a whole team - whether they consider that these rules are not correctly followed. In that case, banned walkers must give their bib back.

18.    The 4 walkers must stay together during the whole trail et be scanned together at each control point. The bib and the bracelet must be worn all the time through the trail.
19.    Giving up is possible but solely in a control point. This decision must be communicated to an official. Leaving the trail without justified reason or without any warning of the organization can cause the ban of the whole team. This behavior could indeed lead to unnecessary inquiries (whose costs will be charged to the team).
When a walker gives up, the supporters are in charge of welcome and carry him.
20.    If a walker hurt himself or is exhausted, members of his/her team must help him to reach the next checkpoint.
In case a severe injury, Oxfam Trailwalker emergency number must be called. A walker must never, in any case, be left alone.
21.    When a member of a team gives up, the three remaining walkers may continue the trail. In case of two walkers of a team give up, the two remaining walkers must merge with another team and register it at the next check-point. The merged teams keep their own name and number. For security reasons, walkers must always be in group of at least three people.
22.    Don’t put your health in danger, give up on time. Emergency services and stewards can, based on solid indications, stop a walker from continuing the trail.
23.    The closing hours of the check-points is fixed by the organization and depending on the logistic planning and the required time to cross the final line in time. The teams that reach a control point after the closing hour must give up the trail.
24.    Oxfam Trailwalker is a team challenge : the arrival time, at check-points or at the final line, is based on the time of the last of the team-member.

The supporters and the environment

25.    Supporters are responsible for the supply of their team, for the encouragements and for welcome a team-member if she/he gives up.
26.    Supporters can join their team on specific check-points and can walk with them on specific sections. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the ban of the team.
27.    We respect environment : nothing is left around the trail ; take your garbage with you and throw them in dedicated places on check-points.
28.    We respect local inhabitants, their living place and the other teams.
29.    The Highway Code must be followed by all walkers and supporters, especially regarding the parking places. It is forbidden to smoke, to make fire on the whole trail. Dogs are also forbidden everywhere.
30.    The organization keep its right to limit the number of prior-parking and access to certain check-points to all vehicles or to those over 2 x 5,5 meters.
Specific indications will be communicated weeks before the event.


Oxfam-Solidarité asbl reserves its right to put a stop to the event and to postpone it in case of force majeure or for very serious reasons. In this case, the registering will be transferred to the next edition of Oxfam Trailwalker or Oxfam Peacewalker with the registration fees and the funds raised, unless the reimbursement (total or partial) is specifically asked.

Download printable version (PDF)