28 Aug
€ 25,00 
Sarah-Maria Hartmann

Go, Oysters, go! 

27 Aug
€ 40,00 
Marc-Olivier Herman

Congratulations Flying Oysters! You did the hard bit, now the easy part this weekend... ;-) Go for it!

26 Aug
€ 50,00 
Bettina Kretschmer

Toi toi toi Florian und Co. Wir hoffen bzw. glauben fest, dass das Training im Ultental Wirkung zeigen wird!!

26 Aug
€ 63,00 
Theresa Crysmamn

Profits from my bakesale at Mundo B today. Thanks so much all of you who came for a slice or two and showed your support in the sweetest way possible.

Theresa xx

26 Aug
€ 50,00 
Aurore Chardonnet

Go Go Go Oxfam EU;)

25 Aug
€ 130,00 
Familie Oel
23 Aug
€ 20,00 
Marta Valenza
22 Aug
Chiara Biscontin


21 Aug
€ 50,00 
Cesar Seigneurgens

Go Go Flo, you gonna make it! Big hugs from Paola & Jiji’s family!!!

19 Aug
€ 40,00 

WALK Flo! WALK! The Maya family wishes you and your team a good run.