26 Aug 2019

 « If you want to go fast, walk alone.
    But if you want to go far, then walk together »
    (african proverb)

Useful reminder

This year, checkpoints (CP) and the waterpoint (WP) will work this way :

  • There is no scanning of the bib numbers at the check-in – except at the finish.
    Thanks to the GPS, we will follow every team on the route
  • When the team leaves a CP or WP, every team member must be scanned individually (check-out).
    This is in order to ensure that the team is complete
  • It is forbidden to leave the course and the area of the CP or WP


About the GPS:

  • Every team leader must pick up one GPS before the start.
  • This can be done on Saturday morning before 8.30 am at the registration desk.    
    The team-captain will assume the entire responsability for theft or loss of the GPS-tracker.
  • Avoid to manipulate the GPS! You could turn it off by accident.
  • You can follow teams on a map on the homepage:
  • If you want to know the final track of this edition, please download the gpx 1 or 2 day befor the event on this link.
    ‘Waypoints’ refer to the arrow numbers on the track. On this way we can locate you in case of emergency.
  • Have also a look at the Oxfam Trailwalker Roadmap PDF.

You can register your team (in attendance of the 4 members !) on Friday 30 August between 7pm and 10pm and on Saturday 31 August between 6.30am and 8.30am.
Be in advance on time to not miss the start at 9am.

For the Supporters, who want to join their teams on 4CP & 5CP Mirwart by shuttle : the shuttle will stop at the church of Mirwart.
From there, supporters have to walk 1 kilometer to 4CP & 5CP Mirwart.

Supporters who want to walk the last 10 km with a team: meeting point is theBarrière Mathieu
There are no parking places !! Therefore, one of the supporters - after having droped off the other supporters - must move immediately the car and drive it to the military airfield of Saint-Hubert.

The network coverage is low on the whole track.
You may drain the battery faster - especially if you activate 4G or GPS on your smartphone.
You should take a ‘powerbank’ and ask to your supporters to refill it.

There is an emergency number in case of emmergency or serious problems :
                                              +32 473 70 19 59
Please call 122 only if any other call has been left without answer!

Because of the low network coverage, you may have some difficulties to reach this number.
In this case, one and only one team member must move to try having a better network.
Never leave someone alone!

We ask all walkers and supporters to download the 112 application on their smartphone for a better geo-tracking in case of emergency.

For safety reasons and to respect the forest law, dogs are prohibited on the entire trail. Even at the start- and the finish-zone.
Making fire, barbecue or smoking is strictly forbidden on the whole track, checkpoints and parking included.
To avoid accident, please follow the traffic regulations!

If you come by train…

Please let us know thius by responding to this email.
Distance between the sation of Rochefort-Jemelle and the military airfield of Saint-Hubert is 22 km.
At this day, there is no shuttle between the station and the airfield of Saint-Hubert.
But we will organize a shuttle if you respond to this call.

Test your knowledge about climat

You're a master in climate-knowledge?
Try than to respond to our online quiz.
You have also the possibility to raise your voice to claim climate-justice.

More questions ?

Find answers on :


See you in few days !!!

The Oxfam Trailwalker team
Markus, Sophie, Aurélie, Jérôme, Leo, Philippe, Lucas, Nicolas, Corentin et Erik