Oxfam Trailwalker comes back to Saint-Hubert in 2020!

11 Dec 2019

In light of the fantastic success of the first edition to be held in the Saint-Hubert Forest in 2019, Oxfam Trailwalker will be making a return trip in 2020 for its third instalment.

On the 29th and 30th August 2020, we invite you to (re)discover the charms of the province of Luxembourg and to take on the challenge of walking 100km in under 30 hours in teams of four. This solidarity walk is open to all.

Registration is now open

From mid-September onwards you can register your team via this link.
What’s changed: we’ve lowered our registration fees: instead of €240 per team, you will pay no more than €124 per team!
What’s more, for this edition, we will automatically apply the following discounts to every team registration:

  • Before 31/01/2020: -50% on registration fees, saving €62 per team.
  • Before 31/03/2020: -25% on registration fees, saving €31 per team.

We have elected to reduce registration fees significantly, as we would prefer to optimize our organisational costs – through the incredible contribution of volunteers and partners, amongst other factors – and to allocate more funds to provide real support for Oxfam’s missions. That, at the end of the day, is the main aim of this solidarity walk through the St. Hubert Forest.
The number of emergency aid projects for victims of conflict and natural disasters caused, for the most part, by climate change continues to increase.
The funds required for this aid to the poorest are enormous, and it is essentially thanks to the generosity of people like you that this vital support is made possible.

The team fundraising target has stayed the same for the last 12 editions of Oxfam Trailwalker.
We have set a minimum target of €1,750 to be raised per team, because we believe that every team member is capable of raising at least €63 more than in previous years.
This increase is mostly symbolic because we know that, as is the case every year, the average donation will be well beyond the minimum amount we propose.

The course is under review

In 2020, the course will be renewed once again, starting from Saint-Hubert, with checkpoints in locations that are both strategic and scenic!
In addition - and it’s all good news - following numerous comments from participating teams in 2019, we have investigated adjustments to the course, so as to avoid as many gravelly tracks as possible.
The course for the 2020 edition is being prepared with help from an agent funded by the Nature and Forestry Department, as well as other dedicated volunteers from the province of Luxembourg.

A new part-route 25km challenge on the 100km course

After having organised a 25km walk in 2019 along part of the Oxfam Trailwalker course, which is being held on the same weekend as the next edition, we are once again offering this option for those of you who may not be quite ready for the 100km course, or the corporate team set-up. Whether you are walking with colleagues, friends or family, you can have a taster of the Oxfam Trailwalker experience on a beautiful 25km course, walking in teams of 2-8 people. You have a maximum of 8 hours to get to the finish line, and you will have raised at least €1,000 for Oxfam projects worldwide in the run-up.

Registration fees are €124/team of 2-4 people.
Every additional participant will pay €31 in registration fees (maximum of 8 people per team).
You can take advantage of the following discounts for each team registration:

  • Before January 31st 2020: -50% on registration fees
  • Before March 31st 2020: -25% on registration fees.

To register your core team of 2-4 participants: please use the same link as for the 100km trek. In the registration form you must click on “25km” where you have a choice between 25km and 100km.
For teams of more than four people, please contact Markus.Neumann@oxfam.org with full details for the additional participant(s).

Oxfam’s Peacewalker ends following its fourth edition in 2019

After four editions, this event will cease to be held.
Oxfam must manage its resources in a responsible manner and focus on directing them to ends which will best support its missons.
For this reason, after much reflection, we have taken the decision to end this event.
To all who have taken part, in whatever way, over the course of these four editions, we say a great big “THANK YOU”!

For our volunteers: a unique adventure awaits

Not tempted to trek this year?
Discover a whole new perspective to this event, meet amazing people, and experience the enormously gratifying feeling of being helpful and supporting a good cause.

Sign up here now.

Last but not least: important information regarding registration:

  • Language selection for your team page: the language in which you create your team page will be used for all communication with donors.
    Take care with your language selection when you register. If in doubt with regards to your network of contacts, opt for English, particularly if you have international contacts.
    Once registered, we can no longer change your selected language!
  • The same applies for the e-mail address of the person who registers the team: our system does not currently permit any changes to the email address of the team account creator, so choose an address that is not in danger of changing before the end of August.
  • Allocation of donations: so as to facilitate the allocation of donations by teams and so that donations appear quickly on your team page, we ask that you encourage your supporters and donors to visit your team page to make donations in support of you. We would also ask that you request they be specific in their communications following the transfer process.
  • Tax certificates: for donations of over €40 per year, a tax certificate will be sent by at least March or April of the year following the year in which the donation was made.
    The tax credit corresponds to 45% of the amount of the donation. Tax certificates are sent to people who have made a donation directly to Oxfam-Solidarité’s account, particularly via their team page.
    Certificates cannot be provided for donations:
    - which result from a collective action (collection)
    - which have been transferred by means of an intermediary payment system (PayPal)

Here is a sneak preview of the Oxfam Trailwalker 2019 experience in Saint-Hubert.

We hope we’ve shared our enthusiasm and our motivation for these new challenges with you!
The Oxfam Trailwalker team
Philippe, Anne-Lise, Laura, Sophie, Aurélie, Leo, Markus et Erik