On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August 2018 we are participating in Oxfam Trailwalker! In the wonderful setting of the 'High Fenns' we will each walk 100 km.
Right now we're not only preparing ourselves physically for this challenge, but we're also raising a minimum of 1500 euros for Oxfam-Solidarity.

Sponsor our walk and help us put an end to extreme inequality worldwide!

You can participate in one of our activities or donate by clicking 'Donate now'. For donations of 40 euros and more you will be entitled to a tax exemption.
Thank you very much!

Latest activities

26 Aug
€ 42,00 
Richard Stanley
24 Aug
€ 40,00 
Bruno Allard


I wish you an wonderful walk, a beautiful weather and the best and comfortable shoes.



24 Aug
€ 50,00 
Vanessa Bajada

Three cheers for The Smoothies!!

May all go smoothly for you!


19 Aug
€ 84,00 
--惠足 黃


17 Aug
€ 36,00 
Tingyu Chen

Sophie 姐衝衝衝,雖然最近都沒跟到團,不過有活動還是要揪一下啊!

14 Aug
€ 100,00 
Katherine Wang

Dear Sophie(霞), Catherine Wang (星懿) and Dr.Jacky Lin of He-Fong Chinese medicine clinic (和豐中醫診所)would like to support this meaningful activity! We are so proud of you! Go Go Go!


08 Aug
€ 50,00 
Chris Gregor

Good luck with the long stroll !!


07 Aug
€ 28,00 
則威(ZE WEI) 洪(Hong)

By 洪則威:謝謝您,祝福您身體健康,一切平安吉祥!

07 Aug
€ 56,00 
嘉芳(JIA-FANG) 張(Chang)

By 張嘉芳,謝謝小姐姐,祝你青春永駐,平安幸福~

07 Aug
€ 84,00 
黃(Huang) 國澄(GUO-CHENG)

By 黃國澄,張如君,黃敬彥:謝謝五姐、五姐夫和敬彥,祝你們全家健康、平安。