On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August 2017 we are participating in Oxfam Trailwalker! In the wonderful setting of the 'High Fenns' we will each walk 100 km.
Right now we're not only preparing ourselves physically for this challenge, but we're also raising a minimum of 1500 euros for Oxfam-Solidarity.

Sponsor our walk and help us put an end to extreme inequality worldwide!

You can participate in one of our activities or donate by clicking 'Donate now'. 
Thank you very much!

Latest activities

24 Aug
€ 50,00 
I.C.E. Irene, Christine, Elizabeth

Elaine 加油喔!GO!GO!GO!

From I.C.E. 




14 Aug
€ 100,00 
Gigi Wong

Hiking and running buddies, let's take the challenge together. Add oil!

07 Aug
€ 375,00 
Shuk Yi TSE
07 Aug
€ 375,00 
Chee Chiu LEE



05 Aug
€ 375,00 
Fung Chu CHOW

" Nothing is impossible" is my motto. "WE" must reach our target successfully because we trust each others and have already bulit up our team spirit. We only do a little, but can help people who are in need. That is so meaningful WALK !  

Elaine Chow




05 Aug
€ 375,00 
Ching Keung LEE

Walk for FUN ! Walk for HEALTH ! Walk for CHARITY ! We can make it !

Ching Gor