On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August 2017 we are participating in the Oxfam Trailwalker! In the wonderful setting of the 'High Fenns' in Belgium, we will each take on the challenge of walking 100 km (equivalent to 4 times the distance between Tung Chung and Ma On Shan in Hong Kong, or the distance between Oxford and Cambridge in the UK).

Right now, we are diligently preparing ourselves with weekly hikes and runs in Hong Kong (under the suffocating heat and pouring rain!). Also, we aim to raise a minimum of €1500 for Oxfam-Solidarity and to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the HKSAR.

None of us have set foot on the Belgium Trailwalker before, so your support would be much appreciated! Please do so by clicking 'Donate now', or simply by sharing this page to those around you. (For donations of €40 and more, you will be entitled to a tax exemption.)

Sponsor our walk and help us put an end to extreme inequality and poverty worldwide! Thank you :)

Latest activities

06 Sep
€ 80,00 
Cindy Lam

Crystal & Gigi, Well done!

06 Sep
€ 53,00 
Sin Yin Denise Lo

Gigi & Crystal, well done !

05 Sep
Anonymous donation

Great job! 

03 Sep
€ 100,00 
Virginia Yee
28 Aug
€ 50,00 
Wang To Leong


May Leong


25 Aug
€ 300,00 
Irene Lau


23 Aug
€ 100,00 
Ka Yi Yuen

Dear Gigi, Mandy, Crystal and Raymond,

All the best to the 100k challenge.  I am sure you all can accomplish this mission.  Add oil.



23 Aug
€ 50,00 
Irene Yu


GiGi and Crystal 母女同心,期待奪金!

21 Aug
€ 1.000,00 
Christina & Nelson Ho

Keep up the good work!!

21 Aug
€ 500,00 
Raynond Chan

Team, Add oil!