WE DID IT!!!!!!!


WE DID IT!!!!!!!! HURRAH! 

Delighted to tell anyone reading these blogs across the vast Internet sea that we finished the trek this weekend.

Things are still a little blurry and we are a little sleep-deprived and a lot sore (Mark is still regaining feeling in his feet), but we did it!

For good measure and just to be sure, we opted to walk 107Km according to our Garmin GPS Master Christophe confirmed by RoboZibi - our tactician for the final stretch.

We can't say enough to the help of our Support Team (Christian, Francesca, Laura, and Jasmine) who kept us organised and on-track as we increasingly stumbled into CPs 2, 4, 6 and 7.  Your support was indispensable and accompanying us on the last leg was great even if we looked a little worse-for-wear and didn't speak or smile much. 

We have surpassed 1,700 euros with more to come - the real beneficiaries of our adventure.  It was a little touch and go for a while, but we got over the limit.  A thank-you to our mystery final donor also who wishes to be anonymous, but, hopefully, you will see this note and know that your gesture was very appreciated.

Lessons-learned - many - perhaps  .. a few too many prepared sandwiches?  The magic healing powers of comped? (you know if you've ever used it - also called moleskin in some parts). Separate hotel rooms for the 'noisier' and the quieter sleepers?  Find Christian a rock band missing a 'front-man singer?'  But, I'll stick with one - teamwork prevails!  Well done chaps! 

Enjoy the photos:

1) The team heading off on Friday night - fresh and ready!

2) A birds-eye view of CP2 - look at the size of the medical tent (already!)

3) The Support Team with the best looking banner of the event!

4) CP 6 - group sleeping ... a 20 min power nap never felt so good! (20Km to go)

5) The walkers in fine form (20 metres to go!)   (From left to right, Zibi, Christophe, John, Mark)


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