Update (4 June)


Ahhh ... more fresh air training ...  

27 May - Mark and Christophe toughed out 28Km in the sun and heat. Ended up in Lasne ... nice cafe in front of the church.

28 May - John and Zibi ran the Brussels 20Km ... extra credit to them ... great work chaps!

3 June - Mark and Christophe walked 23Km (plus ou moins) in the Foret des Soignes. Watermael to the Arboretum in Tervuren.  Bumped into more than a few horses along the way.  We also decided to mix in some running (slowly and for just a minute or two) periodically to 'shock' our legs from their walking pace.  No speed records, but we both agreed that it seemed to do us good.  Now need to run this innovative tactic by John and Zibi - pun intended.  Sensing this could be a revolutionary new concept!

John is doing his own walking in more sunny climes too, so, clearly training is going very well.


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