The Transatlantic Trekkers

2 May - That's it folks, the Transatlantic Trekkers are now officially the 233rd team registered! The crowd goes crazy!  (Mark)

We're going to need some walking music - here's a couple of pieces to get the legs moving:  (I'm not giving the title away, you'll have to click to check it out :)) 

10 May - We now have a Training Coordinator - merci, Christophe.  Some ideas are starting to come in - thanks Szabina, I know you have lots of experience doing this sort of thing.  Your guidance is appreciated.   Looking forward to first walking outings.

On the fundraising side, lots of work to be done.  The donation page still seems 'broken' - probably 'operator-error', but need to check with Oxfam folks so that we can start sharing the link and gently 'encouraging' friends, family to support us (and the good cause).  The sooner, the better.  Watch this space for another of our bi-weekly or sooner updates.

13 May - 4 hour training walk this morning in Le Foret des Soignes.  Decent weather, no rain.  Good test of my new hiking boots!  Onwards and upwards!  Some nice wildlife scenery.


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