Team Update ...


Well, a month away from the big day!  And things are starting to get busy, very busy.

Fortunately, we have several new supporters (Francesca and Christian) who are really adding to our team knowledge base and helping to organise us.  Thanks to their help, we now have an accommodation and travel plan around Start Day. Thanks guys!

Trekking-wise, the team continues to rack up the kilometres in all parts of the world - Poland, Belgium, France, Spain ... is there a country we haven't been to yet?  Yes, lots ... but sooner or later, we will all converge in the same time and space!  On a recent excursion, Mark had his own four-legged tour guide of the forest - do you see him/her ... middle of the road?  A nice surprise to say the least.

Received Oxfam's detailed map and instructions and the excitement is building ... or is that trepidation?

Fundraising is still proving a challenge, but we've had some amazing support from one major donor. Merci de tous nos coeurs.

We also have some innovative plans to push us well over the line ... champagne anyone?, no caviar, but how about some baked goods? ... and yes, Zibi is looking to brand the team name with T-shirts and coffee mugs.  Stay tuned to the blog for photos soon and details on how to reserve your limited-edition souvenir!  

Your Transatlantic Trekkers! 

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