Dear Friends / Chers amis,

On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August 2017, in a moment of calculated madness, the members of the Transatlantic Trekkers decided to participate in the Oxfam Trailwalk in the Belgian Ardennes continuing a world-wide event that was started by Gurkhas in Hong Kong in 1981.  

We have signed an unspeakable oath to walk as a team 100 km and, here's the best part, in less than 30 hours!  We are preparing ourselves physically, but we're also doing it for a greater purpose and have committed ourselves to raising a minimum of 1,500 euros for Oxfam-Solidarity.

Oxfam funds programmes to address poverty, hunger, climate change, humanitarian aid and we would encourage you to browse to see all the great things they do.

Will you please consider participating in one of our fund-raising activities or donate by clicking 'Donate now?' 

If you live in Belgium, donations of 40 euros and more are entitled to a tax deduction.  Your tax deduction 'mileage' may vary if you live outside Belgium.  

Thank you very much!  / Merci d'avance,

The Transatlantic Trekkers Team

Latest activities

28 Aug
  WE DID IT!!!!!!!! HURRAH!  Delighted to tell anyone reading these blogs across the vast Internet sea that we finished the trek this weekend. Things are still a little blurry and...
28 Aug
€ 270,00 
Mark Fuster

Final reconciliation and special thanks to the French Delegation for supporting the team's  transportation requirements during the trek this past weekend (and the driver too!)

25 Aug
€ 16,94 
Mark Fuster
24 Aug
€ 100,00 
24 Aug
  The team held a hugely successful Baked Goods and Champagne Sale at work yesterday. Lots of organisation and planning, but the results exceeded our wildest dreams - almost 800 euros (...
23 Aug
€ 415,00 
Mark Fuster

Proceeds from today's fantastic Baked Goods and Champagne Sales!

Well done Team and thanks to all colleagues who stopped by the booth to lend us both moral and financial support.  You were most generous! 

On behalf of all today's donors! 

21 Aug
Michele Murador

Forza ragazzi! Un super evviva dall"Italia.
Dora ,Michele, Matteo, Anna

21 Aug
Well, less than week to go ... recent highlights: - Teambuilding dinner  - 1st complete team training walk ... no injuries, hurrah!  Interestingly, and for the first time, we saw two...
21 Aug
€ 30,00 

Bonne chance pour ce super challenge! Soyez forts!! Steph et Laet


19 Aug
20,00 km in 4 hours and 30 minutes during the Day
by Mark Fuster, John Aguirre, Christophe Lhomme, Zibi Padyjasek